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garfield lives on my block
and he drives an iroc
but he doesn’t know who i am
and he doesn’t give a damn

where my aliens at girl
we all illegal
the system aint for us
it's for reach people
and you aint rich dog
you just got money
but still can't buy shit
to not feel hungry

will you ever learn

you're just an empty cage girl if you kill the bird

i let my tape rock till my tape popped

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Be nice to each other or I will Care Bear barf positivity all over your feed.
Don't make me pull out the cute animals. I'll fuckin' do it.


wipe your feet real good on the rhythm rug

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hey guys it was my birthday yesterday can i get some boosts

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Surely I have made my meaning plain. I mean to avenge myself upon you, Admiral. I deprived your ship of power and when I swing around, I mean to deprive you of your life. But I wanted you to know first who it was who had beaten you.